Hawkeye Sidekick

Hold dear to what you have

This is the first blog in a few weeks from yours truly. I have been unusually quiet on the sport blog posting front. Fixture cancellations, work commitments in recent weeks but it all pales into insignificance with this Covid-19 global health crisis.

The effects of this virus is only starting to emerge and hit home here in Ireland. The directive from government last Thursday on the health crisis has focused minds.

It has shown the best in people with their kindness, help, support to others but it has showcased some negatives with people’s insistence of gathering in groups, mass bulk buying on Thursday not helping the situation whatsoever.

It is a strange time. We are waiting for the pandemic to fully hit Ireland. There is a calm before the storm feel for me personally here in Galway.

We are seeing the effect that this virus has had in continental Europe now after hitting Asia at the back end of last year and start of this year.

Complete lock down. The situation in Italy and the Bergamo district papers with their extensive obituary notices in recent days is truly heartbreaking and devastating to watch from afar.

As long as everyone is following the advice of our health professionals with hand hygiene and social distancing the fundamental pillars, then we are doing our civic duty and mitigating the potential exponential growth and impact of this virus.

What else can we do? The power of communication personally is going to be paramount in the coming weeks. A daily phone call will do wonders to check in with a family member, elderly neighbor, a vulnerable neighbor who needs support to allow front line services to be alerted if the situation arises.

My day job will see an extended period of working from home. The team and colleagues I work with are standouts but we are all human, we are going to need someone to talk to in this uncertain of times.

This blog loves sport, loves social gatherings, loves the ability for people to interact and share common interests but Covid-19 has provided a reality check. What is more important? A sporting result or the well being of a loved one, a neighbour and you due to this pandemic?

Please God when we get through this difficult period, we can resume our passion for sport, supporters can resume attending fixtures and we can debate till the cows come home on a key game turning point, a super piece of skill. These last few weeks have provided a reminder of what is important to me personally.

This is going to be an exceptionally difficult few weeks ahead for everyone. I am thinking particularly of our amazing front line services who will be facing this virus head on.

Massive Respect

  • To the medical professionals, guards, security forces, government officials and civil servants who have been asked to do over and above for the national interest already and will be again into the coming weeks.
  • To those who will be running logistics in the coming weeks; the infrastructure will be stressed to breaking point. The supply vs. demand of vital goods and services all the more telling.
  • To those in the hospitality industry who have decided to shut their doors before government intervention to aid in combating Covid-19. This is a exceptionally nervy time for anyone involved in the hospitality industry. Hopefully the government will provide the supports and assistance to allow the workers and business owners survive in these worrying times.
  • Thinking of those who are in the travel industry. The travel agents, airport staff who are trying their best to support passengers. It is a daunting task trying to remain composed under immense pressure. Kudos to you all!

Please remain calm, keep up the hand hygiene / social distancing etiquette, a quick phone call to a relative or elderly neighbor who is on their own will do wonders in the days and weeks to come.

Best wishes to everyone and your families. We will get through this together and come out the other side stronger as a nation and community at large.

— Hawkeye Sidekick