Vera Pauw announces the Republic of Ireland Women’s World Cup squad

A day of mixed emotions. For those twenty-three players, their dream of playing in a World Cup tournament is a reality.

For others, it is a bitter devastating blow as news of their omissions was made public today by head coach Vera Pauw. Hawkeye Sidekick reflects on the winners and losers from this interesting squad selection.

Squad Announcement


The decision to name three goalkeepers and one on standby is an interesting take given that Courtney Brosnan had had all the game minutes in preparation for this tournament.

Three keepers would have sufficed here. It will be interesting if Moloney or Walsh will get any genuine game minutes against France next week to prepare the side if issues arise in the position.


Injury has signaled the end of the World Cup aspirations for Aoife Mannion and Megan Campbell. Both players would have been excellent additions but they have run out of time to prove their fitness.

Mannion impressed massively since joining the squad and Campbell has been a consistent performer for the team with her throw-in delivery a miss for the side. The two players will regroup and come again.

Jamie Finn’s omission from the actual squad is a surprise. Izzy Atkinson was the bolter here but Finn provided experience and cohesion in the defensive unit. Will Atkinson actually start any of the games?

Atkinson has five caps to her name but when you hear a manager mentioning about the penny dropping for a player, it does not appear that Atkinson will be thrust into action against either Australia or Canada.

The usual names are in this unit but Zambia’s performance last week has raised pace issues defensively. Australia, Canada and Nigeria will have taken note.


The usual names are in the squad but the intriguing question was whether Sinead Farrelly would make the squad? She has with impressive contributions on the training paddock and a solid cameos against USA.

Opposition will focus on McCabe and O’Sullivan so the onus is on other players in this unit to make a positive impact. Farrelly is hoped to be that player who can orchestrate with the strikers. No genuine surprises on the squad depth announced here.


The four forwards announced is a surprise. Heather Payne designated as a defender would indicate that Payne is a full back option for the side. Amber Barrett was always a lock for the finals but her brace last week emphatically made the point.

Carusa provides experience to the line with Abbie Larkin rewarded with a callup. The Marissa Sheva inclusion personally raises eyebrows. She struggled in her cameos thus far. The unit named will rely on Carusa and Barrett for final third inspiration and goals.

Saoirse Noonan will be devastated not to make the squad but last week’s opening half team performance against Zambia appears to have gone against several players who have now missed out.

Leanne Kiernan will be disappointed also but her lengthy injury layoff was a key factor here. She could not get the game minutes required to impress for club or country.

Overall Thoughts

A strong squad but there are game minute concerns particularly in the goalkeeping depth chart. The defensive unit has experience but pace and cohesion issues will be tested early by Australia and Canada.

The hope is that players in the midfield and forward area impress with opposition looking to focus on Denise O’Sullivan and Katie McCabe to stifle the side.

Birmingham City duo Jamie Finn and Harriet Scott, and Sophie Whitehouse who will travel as the squad’s fourth goalkeeper are the standby players. Tough spot for those players but they will be there for their team mates.

This is a pool of death group. Republic of Ireland’s squad is named. It is time to support the team and management and hope that the squad selections are on point. Roll on July 20th.