Fantasy Premier League XI

The FIFA World Cup withdrawals have started to ease as we enter August and that means one thing and one thing only, it is the start of the English Premier League. Thirty-eight rounds filled with excitement, drama, horrific officiating decisions and sublime moments of skill to win key fixtures.

The banter has started in earnest amongst my friends and this season, Hawkeye Sidekick will summon the courage to chart his progress as the season progresses. In this opening article, we will look at his opening season fixture team selection. The words hope and fingers crossed come to mind.

My past seasons with Fantasy Premier League have being horrific; last season was a particular low point as a couple of bargain buys in week one for the likes of Erik Pieters, Jeff Cameron (don’t laugh) got what they deserved; utter derision and slagging from my friends and no points on the board. I gave up after the week eight such was the gap to everyone else, hoping that the team would produce miracles in my absence (or let the players mature and improve). Nope, it did not work.  

My team selection looks okay on paper but there are a couple of potential gotchas in the mix for this weekend. What if Arsenal beat Manchester City? Bye Bye Ederson clean sheet and potentially subdued performances from Sane and Sergio; knowing my luck that will happen.

Alexander-Arnold, Azpilicueta and Vertonghen should deliver good points throughout the season. The Liverpool youngster hopefully providing some good assists and goals this season, nice price if I am may say so myself. 

There is a bold leap of faith with the newly promoted teams. Neves from Wolves is an interesting selection; his scored an absolute screamer last season but will he able to step up to the top league? Sessegnon is a player of undoubted potential, hope rather than optimism on those picks.

Mo Salah hopefully rescues the situation; a fixture at home to West Ham United who look defensively short with the absence of Reid a good omen. Rashford and Zaha will provide the attacking scoring threat to supplement Aguero who should have another standout season.

Time for you good readers to poke holes in this team selection; looking forward to the season kickoff, hopefully I am still respectable by the time week eight comes around this season but given my past track record in this format, it is 50/50. Best of luck everyone!